torsdag 16 februari 2017

Adverts for fashionable clothing in 2016

Still doing research on Swedish weekly magazines from the 1910s. The bonus of this is of course that I get to photograph a lot of adverts that are useful sources for fashions of the time.

The summer blouse "Astrid", sold by "Astréamagasinet", who claim to be Stockholm's oldest shop specializing in blouses)

Advert for Florodol soap, who advertised in every issue of "Vecko-Jorunalen". This one claims that you increase your marksmanship (in the game of love) by using the soap.

"New corsets", ad for A. Jönsson & co, from Göteborg.

Cheap ladies' lingerie advertised by Nordiska Kompaniet, the first Swedish departement store, in Stockholm.

"All kinds of clothes, for gents, ladies and children" . Advertising for "Syfabriken i Älfsered".

Viking shoe polish for textile shoes. The brand still exists.

Two ads from the Gothenburg departement store Vollmers-Meeths (later just Meeths). Taffeta skirts and white blouses; and their corset "Tango". Of course tango was all the rage at the time.

And finally four adverts from the Gothenburg based sewing factory Wettergrens, who were known for staying very true to the Paris trends.

onsdag 15 februari 2017

Bliaut and Visby town wall

Going through old photos I realized that I never posted this photo, where I think that my green silk bliaut look particularly fine. It's from Medieval week 2005.

tisdag 14 februari 2017

Fashion in Sweden 1915

I'm currently doing some research which involves looking at Swedish weekly magazines from the 1910s. And I thought that I'd share some images of fashionable dress from them with you.

Vecko-Journalen 1915

måndag 13 februari 2017

What I am making for Valeria

It took one of my friends less than a minute to guess.

Guess what I am going to make?

Today my white cotton/silk satin arrived from Pure silks . There was no way I could have afforded 100%  silk satin of this thickness, so I went for a mix, justifying it with the fact that mixes of cotton and silk were not unknown in the 16th century. This is it.

So - can you guess what I'm making? It's for my daughter Valeria btw, not for me.

The trim is from Indiabeautifulart on eBay, my absolute favourite eBay shop.

lördag 11 februari 2017

A waffenrock

In January baron Måns and I made a waffenrock for him. He doesn't normally do 16th century German, but he and some friends are going to the Estrella War in the US as a co-ordinated group, and they decided to do landesknecht/German 16th century.

We will have proper photos taken later, but here's a sneak photo, on his Instagram.

This was the image we used as inspiration. From the Hofkleiderbuch des Herzogs Wilhelm IV. und Albrecht V.

fredag 10 februari 2017

The mint green satin kirtle is finished

Yesterday we had sewing meeting at my place and my friend Anna helped me even out the hem of my mint green kirtle. The satin had been stretching like crazy (cutting it was a nightmare) and finally we decided that the best we could do was taht I put it on and she cut the fabric while I wore it - pinning it would have been useless, sincethe fabric would have moved in all directions when I took the kirtle off and put it on the table.

To stabilize it I used a cotton bias tape to hem it, like I had done around the neck line. While cotton bias tape certainly isn't period, using tape or strips of fabric to stabalize things is. It's all hand sewn anyway - I would have haed to sew this fabric on machine.

These are just quick photos, I put on a slightly supportive shift (that badly needs ironing, if you see lumps showing through the satin) and hubby took some quick photos. No headwear or anything, just shift and kirtle.

When I have forgotten how much I hated cutting the kirtle I will start on the surcoat from the same fabric. It may take a week or so ;)

Photographing shiny fabric is...interesting.