A mid-14th century dress based on a find from Herjolfsnes

Made in 2006

I have always been fascianted by the the 1340s with their interesting fashionable silhouette, resembling nothing so much as a barrel. It's after the graceful folds of the early 14th century and before the curvy shape of the 1360s and onwards. Like so many transitional styles it can look a little awkward and not immediately pleasing to the eye, but I like it.

This dress is made entirely by hand. It is made from periwinkle blue wool tabby, very slightly fulled, and sewn with semi bleached linen thread. I used Herjolfsnes 38 as the pattern,  the only differences being that I didn't piece the centre gores and that I made the neckline wider, to make it suit the fashion of around 1340.

 Under it I'm wearing a sleeveless linen shift and over-knee length hose from murrey wool twill. I'm using my late 13th-early 14th c. shoes, but they're not that different from shoes worn in the middle of the 14th century.

 My hair is braided in two braids starting at the temples and then pinned to the back of the head so the braids hangs right down until they reach the ears and then turn backwards, covering the ears; a style seen extremely often in illuminations from the 1330s and 1340s. I am also wearing a copper circlet and a veil from linen with a woven in pattern.

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