A pink cotte from ca 1300

Made in 2002

It is probably obvious that the decades around 1300 is one of my favourite periods. This cotte is made roughly in the same way as St Elizabeth's cotte from the 13th century, except that it also has gores in the centre front and back.

 It is made from thin wool and has "silver " buttons along the lower arms. It is edged around the neck and sleeves with silver metallic braid. The neck is slightly larger than what is mostly seen in the Grosse Heidelberger Liederhandschrift (aka Codex Manesse, because I was aiming for the very end of this stylistic period, where neck holes got wider, but there are examples of wider necklines, like on the jousting(?) lady in the picture below.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

 This cold hue of pink is very popular in this manuscript and can be seen for example on the ladies on the balustrade in this picture. The veil is striped and made from viscose and "gold" threads. It's not authentic, but finding sheer fabric with gold stripes is not easy; this is made from a scarf and has a semi-circular shape. There are several wooden sculptures showing veils with gold stripes, as well as evidence from wills, so when I found the scarf I had to make a veil from it. Here's a good example, from Germany.

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