A red high-necked 16th century gown

Made in 2001

 This gown was inspired by Pfalzgräfin Dorothea Sabina von Neuburg's funeral dress (page 46-47 in Patterns of Fashion). Or rather, the look of the doublet is. Her dress has different sleeves and a skirt made of gored pieces while the skirt on this gown is the very simple straight piece pleated to a waistband. The skirt and doublet are made from very thin wool twill in a soft rose red colour. The doublet is interlined with wool flannel because this dress was made to be worn at winter events. Then I also wear a wool flannel petticoat under the farthingale to keep warm, or, as is the case with the newer photos, just a wool flannel petticoat. I also wear wool stockings and a silk shift if it's really cold (silk is great when it's cold). The trim on the doublet and skirt is "gold" braid embellished with white and grey fake pearls. The placement is taken from Dorothea Sabina's gown, but I didn't do the horisontal stripes of trim because I really don't think trims that emphazise my width is something to be desired. Originally I intended to make the hanging sleeves that belongs to her dress, but haven't gotten around to it. As it is the skirt is unlined, but I don't think it shows much and it makes it much easier to pack. This gown was made in 2001, and the first photosare from 2002.

The fit of the doublet never was perfect and with my changing body size it doesn't fit better now. But it is good enough to wear. The sleeves and forepart worn in the first picture are made from a rayon brocade. The forepart is the same as in this picture and this is a better photo of it, a little less shiny and you can actually see the pattern. The sleeves have diagonal slashes all over them, trimmed with gold braid. In this picture you can see them a little better. I'm also wearing a ruff with gold braid which isn't pinned properly in place, I put it there just for this photo and hence it looks a little wonky, a hairnet in red with grey pearls and a bonnet trimmed the same way as the gown. And I really didn't intend for the bonnet to look all puffy and strange in this picture, but it's the best photo of the dress so I'll have to live with it.

These photos were taken in March 2007, with a new set of sleeves.

These photos show the dress worn with just a high-necked smock, stays and a woolflannel petticoat under it. The front of the skirt have been sewn shut and I'm wearing warm sleeves from fulled wool. The sleeves are curved at the elbow, and made after several sleeves in PoF. I'm wearing a black-worked linen coif with "gold" lace under the bonnet; which you may notice look much better in these photos. The gloves are just modern suede gloves, I will make better gloves later.

 There also exists a small drop-shaped headpiece that matches this dress that I can wear for a slightly different look. I've also worn it with the top of the doublet unbuttoned and my hair taped around my head in the italian way. No photos of that unfortunately though.

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