A female working class outfit from the early 16th century

Made in 2008

Unlike her mother, my daughter Valeria isn't that fond of shiny stuff and things that glitter. Not shen she was fourteen, as in these photos and not now - she wants dark sombre colours and middle class or peasant clothing. This costume is, as every reader of The Tudor Tailor must be aware of, based on the detail from a painting of the Field of the Cloth of Gold shown on page 19. The painting is from 1520. The whole outfit is sewn entirely by hand.

The gown and partlet (the black thing covering her shoulders) are from wool; the partlet from a heavily fulled cloth and the dress from a just lightly fulled twill. The shift is of course linen, as well as the cap and apron, which is mine - I plan to make a coloured wool apron as soon as I have made up my mind about which fabric to use. I also made pin-on sleeves for this dress, reversible in thin black and red wool respectively; no photos of her wearing them though.

Valeria at the St. Egon event 2008, during a class on marchpane sculpting held by Fru Astrid Torstensdotter.

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