My green Codex Manesse cotte

Made in 2002

This really is one of my favourite cottes and has been worn many, many times the last thirteen years. Since it's A-shaped I have been able to wear it when I've been in a variety of sizes - including very pregnant.
It is basically made like St. Elisabeth von Thüringen's gown, except that the sleeve is made in one piece and that the gores are wider than in the original gown, making it wider and more in line with the look on illuminations from the early 14th century.

The buttons on the sleeves are brass. They originally had trim made with brass thread woven into it,  but I took that away a decade ago. How it looked then can be seen here.

It's made from a thin 100% wool tabby, which is the wrogn kind of wool: something this bright and fashionable should have been in fulled wool cloth in this period. But it is very comfortable and the green wool was rather cheap, which doesn't hurt either.

Here I'm wearing it with a chin band and a striped veil (I write more about striped veils in this period here). The belt, which comes back in all photos, is hand woven in linen and wool, though, sadly, not by me.

Again with a chin band, the hair rolled in bund over the ears and covered with a hairnet and a fillet with a scalloped edge on top. I write about wavy and scalloped edges on fillets from this period here.

With chin band, fillet and long loose hair, which is one of the more common hair styles on married women in the Codex Manesse. And with my husband :) Also in an outfit inspired by this manuscript.

And finally: Me and friend and neighbour Anna sporting our matching green cottes!

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